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Your Donations Save Lives

So much depends on the right messages reaching our youth. With your ongoing support we can continue to educate parents, provide teen in crisis with relief, and spread hope around the globe for a better tomorrow.



Through the support of our donors and sponsors, we are able to raise awareness about the harmful and deadly outcomes from prescription drug abuse. Our effective messages and education outreach efforts teach parents and teens how to spot the signs of addiction and drug misuse. We inform the public on the issue that is evident at-large, and help teens stay clear of prescription drugs all together.

Support and Referrals

At Brandi’s Wish we believe that in order to adequately help our youth, we must change the way the public views addiction. By informing our communities, we are able to change the perception of wrongful addicts, to victims of disease. Within the community, we support parents and teens as they deal with the challenging condition. With our referral service, teens and their families have access to preventative solutions such as hotlines, support groups and treatment facilities. For families with a teen in crisis that cannot afford the cost of rehabilitation programs, Brandi’s Wish Foundation can provide financial assistance.


The brain of addicts are morphed by drugs in such a way that when their bodies are off drugs, their brains triggers the same signal as if they were starving. Just like starvation is treatable and preventable, so is addiction. Although education and prevention are the most cost effective ways to help our teens with drug prescription problems, sometimes that is not enough. At Brandi’s Wish are taking the initiative to actively work in changing state legislation and pass laws to protect our children from the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse.


With the support of our donors, Brandi’s Wish Foundation and Source Productions joined forces in an exciting partnership. Together we developed a vitally important new film about prescription drug addiction called The Holding Cell. Based on true stories about real teenagers in Sarasota and Manatee counties, this film displays a kaleidoscopic account of one teenage girl’s freefall into the harrowing world of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Highlighted at the 3rd Annual Reel Recovery Film Festival and Symposium in New York City, The Holding Cell is teaching thousands.

Thank you to all our donors and sponsors that help us keep moving forward! Click here to become a donor, sponsor or to attend our 4th annual Tennis Tournament.