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Together We Will Make A Difference!

Data released last year suggests that as a country, we are finally turning a corner in our efforts to address the epidemic of prescription drug abuse. The recorded number of people abusing prescription drugs has decreased by nearly 13 percent. This progress is encouraging and gives hope to all those working hard on raising awareness about prescription drug abuse, misuse and addiction.


Looking For A Brighter Future

As a nation, the White House has sets goals to continue improving these statistics as a collective by the end of 2015:

  • Decrease the 30-day prevalence of drug use among 12-17 year olds by 15 percent.
  • Decrease the lifetime prevalence of 8th graders who have used drugs by 15 percent.
  • Decreased the 30-day prevalence of drug use among 18-25 year olds by 10 percent.
  • Reduce overall drug induced deaths by 15 percent, and
  • Reduce drug related morbidity by 15 percent.

Effective Prevention

For substance use prevention to be effective, consistent messages must reach youth through school, work, media and social settings. It is imperative to reach parents and adult influencers at home, work and in their communities with information that clearly states the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Families, friends and children must be provided with the tools and support that will help them embrace a drug free life. The most cost effective way to address this prevailing issue, is through education, prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation and recovery support.

Turning Tragedy Into Purpose

After having lost her daughter Brandi Shea Meshad to accidental prescription drug poisoning, Mrs. Meshad founded Brandi’s Wish Foundation in efforts to educate parents and teens on the dangers and consequences from experimental drug use. Turning tragedy into purpose, Brandi’s Wish now provides parents and their children with the education, support and assistance that they need to help guide their teen in crisis toward a drug free life.

Every teen deserves a chance at living their dreams. At Brandi’s Wish, our mission is to encourage effective prevention through education. Help us in our mission by attending our 4th Annual Tennis Tournament on Longboat Key Club. Together we will make a difference!