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Your Donations Save Lives

So much depends on the right messages reaching our youth. With your ongoing support we can continue to educate parents, provide teen in crisis with ...

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Together We Will Make A Difference!

Data released last year suggests that as a country, we are finally turning a corner in our efforts to address the epidemic of prescription drug ...

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The Pill Mill Crisis in Sarasota (and Nationwide)

When most of us think of Sarasota, we envision white sandy beaches, teal waters and sunny skies. However, there is a dark cloud the glooms ...

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Empower, Support and Love our Teens for a Drug-Free Life

Brandi’s Wish

Brandi’s Wish Foundation was founded in March 2011 out of a personal tragedy and the death of 18 year old Brandi Shea Meshad due ...

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4th Annual Weekend Tennis Event

When and Where?

Brandi’s Wish Foundation is proud to announce our 4th annual Brandi’s Wish Weekend. The night before the tennis tournament on Friday, October 17th ...

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Every Teen Has the Right to Happiness

Everyday 2,500 teens try prescription drugs. A horrifying figure especially considering that twice the amount of people abuse prescription medication versus illegal drugs, like cocaine ...

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