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Empower, Support and Love our Teens for a Drug-Free Life

Brandi’s Wish

Brandi’s Wish Foundation was founded in March 2011 out of a personal tragedy and the death of 18 year old Brandi Shea Meshad due to prescription drug poisoning. Our mission is to raise awareness through education and offer preventive solutions to teens and their families regarding the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. Every teenager can achieve their wishes and dreams for a healthy and successful future by living a drug-free life. Deaths that occur from the misuse and abuse of prescription medications are preventable. However, we must change the way communities perceive addiction and the victims of this disease and proactively work to educate children, parents and community members to remove the stigma associated with it.


Your Dollars At Work

At Brandi’s Wish we are actively working hard on changing state legislation and striving to pass laws to protect our children from the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. At schools we are creating programs that educate families and teens on the danger of abusing prescription medications. We offer referral services and guidance to families in need of rehabilitative and substance abuse recovery programs, as well as financial aid to families with  teens in crisis that cannot afford the cost of rehabilitation. As a collective we are striving to conquer and overcome the fear and helplessness caused from addiction by empowering teens and their families through awareness, education, support and compassion.

Dinner and Tennis Tournament

Our 4th annual Tennis Tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday October 18th – 19th at Longboat Key Club. Play in division 7.0, 8.0, 9. or Open while you help us raise awareness. Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Double categories available. Join us the night before the big max on Friday October 17th for a special Silver Lining Social Sponsor Dinner as well as Saturday day night October 18th for the Pro Exhibit and Player Party. Registration Fees are listed below:

  • 1 person, 1 division – $55.00
  • 1 person, 2 divisions – $85.00
  • 1 double team, 1 division – $110.00
  • Silver Lining Dinner $75.00


To sponsor our Annual Tennis Tournament please fill out the 2014 Tennis Tournament Sponsorship Form. You or your organization can select various levels of sponsorship for maximize exposure and support. Below is a list of the sponsorship levels and financial commitments:

  • Golden Slam/Presenting Sponsor ($20,000)
  • Grand Slam/Signature Sponsor ($10,000)
  • U.S. Open /Title Sponsor ($5,000)
  • Wimbledon/Platinum Partners ($2500)
  • French Open/Gold Partners ($1000)
  • Australian Open/Silver Partners ($500)

Become a “Cell Mate”

Unintentional poisonings due to prescription drug overdose kill more Sarasota County teens and young adults than any other form of death. In teenage deaths caused by overdose, Sarasota’s rate is close to three times higher than that of the state average. It is not surprising that two local films have chosen to highlight stories about addiction at the same time and in the same year. In each of these new films, the stories hinge on Sarasota youth whose lives were taken too soon. Perhaps these films are here to make us ask why. Brandi’s Wish Foundation is the Executive Producer of The Holding Cell and was a consultant and supporter for No Real Than You Are. To support our mission and the film productions become a “cell mate” by donating $50.00 or more to the “Holding Cell Project” and receive a free “cell mate” t-shirt. Please consider a recurring donation so we can smile each month we see your name!
Thank you for embracing Brandi’s Wish Foundation. Together we will save lives. Make a donation here.