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Expert: Growth of heroin abuse not surprising

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Government Crackdown on Painkillers

The Drug Enforcement Administration fights to make Vicodin harder to get.And, we move now to the crackdown on the epidemic use of prescription pain killers in america. Consider this. The united states, just 4. 5% of the world’s population, consumes 99% of the world’s hydro coe done, the open yat in ...

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Sarasota mother making progress changing a law in her daughter’s memory

Florida mothers and Florida Coalitions come together to testify to the importance of passing Naloxone Bills HB715 and SB758.View the video

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Capitol Update – Nightly During Session – Monday, March 09, 2015

This was important legislative testimony in Tallahassee last week regarding a bill we are trying to get passed this session.

Watch the video.

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The White House speaking about Brandi’s Wish Foundation

Director Botticelli of The White House speaking about the work being done at Brandi’s Wish Foundation. Please help by sharing this video with your friends and help us spread the message. We are proud to be supporting this foundation and helping them reach those in need.

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