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The 2017 Sarasota Short Film Community Contest

The 2017 Sarasota Community Short Film Competition Phase 1 & 2 Winners to be announced August 2nd.

Phase 3 begins August 3rd!

The winning amateur writers and directors, chosen through a blind judging process for their ability to tell a compelling story with fascinating characters, will be announced on August 2, 2017 at:

New Florida Cinema
located in the Parkway 8 Cinemas
6300 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota, Florida

The competition’s Phase 3 will then begin:

  • The 6 winners (3 writers, 3 directors) will join 3 development teams to strengthen and combine the visions of the writer and director with the experience of professional mentors.

Later phases this fall will include:

  • Casting, crewing and staffing all three films with local community professionals.
  • Shooting all three films entirely within Sarasota and/or Manatee Counties.

The competition will culminate in a three film competition block judged by the audience for an Audience Prize at an international film festival in 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers and local businesses to work together right here in Sarasota and Manatee County.

Join us! Learn how you can become an individual or corporate sponsor of the contest here.