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Government Crackdown on Painkillers

The Drug Enforcement Administration fights to make Vicodin harder to get.And, we move now to the crackdown on the epidemic use of prescription pain killers ...

Sarasota mother making progress changing a law in her daughter’s memory

Florida mothers and Florida Coalitions come together to testify to the importance of passing Naloxone Bills HB715 and SB758.View the video

Capitol Update – Nightly During Session – Monday, March 09, 2015

This was important legislative testimony in Tallahassee last week regarding a bill we are trying to get passed this session.

Watch the video.

The White House speaking about Brandi’s Wish Foundation

Director Botticelli of The White House speaking about the work being done at Brandi’s Wish Foundation. Please help by sharing this video with your friends ...

Our Mission

Brandi’s Wish Foundation was founded in March 2011 out of a personal tragedy and the death of 18 year old Brandi Shea Meshad due to prescription drug poisoning. Our mission is to raise awareness through education and offer preventive solutions to teens and their families regarding the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. We believe that every teenager can achieve their wishes and dreams for a healthy and successful future by living a drug-free life. We believe the deaths that occur from the misuse and abuse of prescription medications are preventable. We believe we must change the way communities perceive addiction and the victims of this disease and proactively work to educate children, parents and community members to remove the stigma associated with it.

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